Giraffes are one of the world's tallest
mammals. They are well known for
their long necks, long legs, and spotted
patterns. Giraffes have small "horns" or
knobs on top of their heads that grow to
be about five inches long. These knobs
are used to protect the head in fights. 

Male giraffes are larger than females.
Males weigh between 2,400 and 3,000
pounds and stand up to 19 feet tall!
Female giraffes weigh between 1,600
and 2,600 pounds and grow to be 16 feet

Giraffe populations are relatively stable. 

Healthy giraffes live about 25 years in the wild. 

Giraffes can be found in central, eastern and southern Africa. 

Giraffes live in the savannas of Africa, where they roam freely among the tall trees, arid land, dense forests and open plains. 

Their long necks help giraffes eat leaves from tall trees, typically acacia trees. If they need to, giraffes can go for several days without water. Instead of drinking, giraffes stay hydrated by the moisture from leaves. 

Giraffes are non-territorial, social animals. They travel in large herds that are not organized in any way. Herds may consist of any combination of sexes or ages. 

Female giraffes typically give birth to one calf after a fifteen-month gestation period. During the first week of its life, the mother carefully guards her calf. Young giraffes are very vulnerable and cannot defend themselves. While mothers feed, the young are kept in small nursery groups. 

Giraffes are hunted for their meat, coat and tails. The tail is prized for good luck bracelets, fly whisks and string for sewing beads. The coat is used for shield coverings. Habitat destruction and fragmentation are also threats to giraffe populations. 

No current protective laws. 
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